Building our global economy on the blockchain
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Decentralized Economy

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Decentralized Economy is a research and analysis newsletter providing insights for our readers to help build the global economy on the blockchain. We cover industry and market trends, along with complete breakdowns of our past and present economic structure, to help gain insights into the future run by blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is poised in a positive direction with great potential, but there are still a few areas we need to consider and tighten up. Doing so will help gain the trust and confidence of the “average Joe,” thus propelling a decentralized economy.

Decentralized Economy
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Our members range from investment firms, CEOs, C-Suite, consultants, and entrepreneurs to hobbyists and free thinkers. All of which are looking to keep up with the changes from the disruptive market of blockchain. Our Members use our research & analysis to help stay informed on investment ideas, develop leading business solutions, and keep up to date on technology growth patterns and where the technology can be better.

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And, be part of new initiatives, we are a reader lead publication & newsletter, which means our members are part of and have a say in the direction we go.

We accommodate group subscriptions. For more information, please email us at Also, being a veteran-owned small business, we hold our vets and active duty military in our hearts and offer special rates.

We want to thank all our members and subscribers! Your time is valuable, and we appreciate you spending some time with us. You can read more on our publication to learn more about Nerdrums & Decentralized Economy.


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